When I moved back to Ansted my family introduced me to their favorite Tuesday night entertainment; auctions.

In the three years I’ve attended I’ve acquired so many art and craft supplies. Numerous supplies and books for drawing and painting, fabric and sewing supplies, leather and leather working tools, even a loom and a spinning wheel, both antiques.

At this last auction my haul was small.  A small flat purchased for $1 contained a deer antler, good for making Nalbinding needles, combs and salt cases.  A tote bag confined scraps of fabric. A couple of pieces are a nice silk look fabric that would make nice trim, hats, pouch or a late period bodice or corset.  Another piece has a nice linen weave look to it, and may be a good size to piece together a Viking Apron dress from.  Time will tell… 🙂

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