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My current spinning project is some lovely wool & silk fiber purchased at Kanawha Yarn Company.  I’ve unfortunately lost the label (oh the huge manatee!) but I’m certain it is a Merino/silk top.  This project I’ve done some extra planning and sampling.  When I purchased this fiber I knew I wanted to make a Sprang scarf, but I was pondering two vs three (Navaho) ply.  I spun samples of both on my Swan spindle and plied them.  The three ply seemed to loose more of the color blending definition than I was happy with and after sampling the two ply decided to go with that.  Two ply will also give me more yardage to play with. 

The samples are in my spinning notebook, though, I just realized, I forgot to wash/finish the samples.  This will have to be rectified soon to give a better example of what the finished yarn will look like.  I think I will also ply off one more sample of two ply.  The samples I have are Andean plied (One single strand plied starting at the two ends an ending At the middle)  structurally not a balanced yarn since one half of the yarn is being twisted more than the other half.

I need to better plan my projects and document everything in my spinning notebook.  These experiences are part of learning though and will help in the long run.

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It’s been quite a while since I posted, not from lack of projects, lack of time to write in my blog.  I was very busy the last two weeks of September.  Fiber Arts Network had their fall retreat at Hawks Nest state park.  As always I had a blast sitting at my spinning wheel visiting with the ladies and Dave.  I got two skeins done (details to follow) of rovings/bats that had been in my stash for a while.  One of the skeins also gave me the opportunity to get out my hand carders and blend some fibers together to spin a black single to ply with a multicolor thick/ thin single.

  The yarn on the left is dyed Mohair 2 ply.  12 Twists per inch, 6 wraps per inch.  153 yards with some left over on a bobbin.  Spun on Kromski Sonata.

The yarn on the right is made from 2 separate singles.  The colored is from a bat of blended fiber (Merino, Tencil, Bamboo, Silk, Kid Mohair and ‘Shiny Stuff’)  The black single is Coopworth, Alpaca & Mohair blended on hand carders.  160 yards tpi and wpi varied due to colored single being spun thick/thin on purpose.  Spun on Kromski Sonata.

I also bought some lovely white alpaca and black Coopworth spiral blend roving.  This I’ve been spinning on my new Turkish spindle.  This spindle is a lovely little 2 oz antique/vintage from a dealer in Istanbul.  I purchased 8oz of the roving and have spun up 3 balls so far.  Two of the balls have already been plied and skeined.   (see pic below)  I’m hoping that when done I’ll have enough to Sprang a scarf!

I was able to complete 2 skeins of yarn with this fiber for a total of 236 yards.  This should be more than enough for a scarf.

I must say that this spindle is my favorite.  It’s small, lightweight and spins forever.  It has carving on the cross arms and a lovely patina to the wood.

The first weekend in October I went to West Liberty University for a symposium on pre-modern studies.   I set up a display of spinning and Sprang and taught attendees about both.  Before the symposium I made two new frames, one lap and one much larger.  The large frame needs a bit more work, it’s too wobbly to warp up.  The lap frame had the same issue (both frames were simply sticks lashed together with hemp twine) but I took the time to take it apart and whittle some shaping at the overlaps to give it more stability.  It is working much better now and has spindle spun gray wool yarn on it.  That project is another hairnet worked in alternating rows of z and s interlinking.  I just hope it’s big enough for my head when it’s done.

Here is a picture of half of my set up showing some of my Sprang.  The picture I took of the other half, the spinning, came out to blurry.

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