My current spinning project is some lovely wool & silk fiber purchased at Kanawha Yarn Company.  I’ve unfortunately lost the label (oh the huge manatee!) but I’m certain it is a Merino/silk top.  This project I’ve done some extra planning and sampling.  When I purchased this fiber I knew I wanted to make a Sprang scarf, but I was pondering two vs three (Navaho) ply.  I spun samples of both on my Swan spindle and plied them.  The three ply seemed to loose more of the color blending definition than I was happy with and after sampling the two ply decided to go with that.  Two ply will also give me more yardage to play with. 

The samples are in my spinning notebook, though, I just realized, I forgot to wash/finish the samples.  This will have to be rectified soon to give a better example of what the finished yarn will look like.  I think I will also ply off one more sample of two ply.  The samples I have are Andean plied (One single strand plied starting at the two ends an ending At the middle)  structurally not a balanced yarn since one half of the yarn is being twisted more than the other half.

I need to better plan my projects and document everything in my spinning notebook.  These experiences are part of learning though and will help in the long run.

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