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This is disheartening. I had such plans, some went by the wayside,  some came up unexpectedly.  I will be updating as I can.  Time has run out for the AS 50 Challenge and almost of my plans were completely derailed.  Others however have been in full swing, it’ll take some time to sort out everything.


One good thing though I now have a tablet to help me out when my Laptop just isn’t practacal. Although, I am finding that the spell check sucks…


So much has happened over the last four years. I got promoted at work, made manager of my own store, transfered back to the first store still as manager. This increased my hours and pay but created somewhat of a limit on another “Promotion” my husband and I received in the SCA. In October of 2013 we were Invested as Baron and Baroness of Blackstone Mountain in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc. Currently our Barony is in the process of Baronial Elections, we’ll see what the next 3 years will hold.


My husband and I taking our first Oath of Fealty.


A&S 50 Challenge