The A&S 50 Challenge is an inter-Kingdom challenge amongst artisans in the Society for Creative Anachronism to further the skills and knowledge of our crafts.  The Challenge can take one of two forms; either Depth or Breath.  The Depth Challenge is to create/do 50 of one thing, improving that skill and increasing knowledge of that craft.  The Breadth Challenge can be about either trying new things, or about creating a complete kit for a particular persona, creating/trying 50 items/skills needed for the challenge.  The challenge takes place from May 1, 2007 till May 1, 2015 the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Further details can be found at A&S 50 Challenge.

My Challenge is two fold, both Depth and Breadth:

Depth Challenge – 50 separate Språng Items

Breadth Challenge–  50 Items for a Viking Persona- In the process learning new skills to complete the items. Items in { } are not completed.

  1. Learn to Spin Wool on a Drop Spindle
  2. Spin thick wool yarn for hair net
  3. Hair net (Språng, from wool spun by me)
  4. Spin thin wool yarn for hair net.
  5. Hair net (Språng, from wool spun by me)
  6. Cascade Necklace
  7. Viking Wire Woven Necklace (New Skill- Trichinopoly)
  8. {Viking Wire Woven Necklace} (for me)
  9. {Viking Wire Woven Chain for suspending Needle Case}
  10.  Metal Needle Case {needs soldered}
  11. {Sami Bone Needle Case} for longer needles
  12. Wood Nålbinding Needle(s)
  13. Antler Nålbinding Needle(s) (New Skill- Working Antler)
  14. Bone Nålbinding Needle(s) (New Skill- Working Bone)
  15. {Nålbinding Hair Net} Mammen Stitch & Triplet Stitch.
  16. Primitive Lucet Tool
  17. {Carved Lucet Tool}
  18. {Drinking Horn} (New Skill- Working Horn)
  19. {Drinking Horn}
  20. {Linen Under Dress} Danish
  21. {Over Dress} Danish
  22. {Apron Dress} Danish
  23. {Caftan} Danish
  24. {Shawl}
  25. {Shawl Pin Set} 2 pins, metal or bone with connector chain
  26. {Linen Cap} Danish
  27. {Linen Head Scarf}
  28. {Metal pins for Head Scarf} one small pennanular, the other straight with spiral tip
  29. Spin & {dye wool for socks} (New skill- Natural Dyeing)
  30. {Socks of Nålbinding} (New Skill-Nålbinding)
  31. {Wood Tablets for Weaving}
  32. {Tablet Woven Belt} (New Skill- Tablet Weaving)
  33. {Tablet Woven Trim for Clothes}
  34. {Hand made Språng Frame-Oseburg style}
  35. {Hand made Warp Weighted Loom}
  36. {Weights for Loom}  (Pottery)
  37. {Whorls for Drop Spindles} (Pottery)
  38. {Leather Belt Pouch}
  39. {Leather Shoes}
  40. {Small woman’s Knife}
  41. {Leather sheath for knife w/brass fittings} (New skill- brass work)
  42. {Metal chatelaine for hanging bling off belt} converted ME pendant or wire knot-work.
  43. {Tweezers-Toilet Set} (Brass Working)
  44. {Ear Scoop-Toilet Set} (Bone)
  45. {Tooth Pic-Toilet Set} (Brass  Wire)
  46. {Key} see Vendel in pictures
  47. {Whet Stone}
  48. {Scissor Sheath with brass fittings}
  49. {Bone Comb}
  50. {Braided Bronze Wire Bracelets} see pictures.
  51. {Treasure Necklace}
  52. {Turtle Broches}

Order may change as projects are completed and some may move up or down in the list depending on material availability, complexity of project and my determination.