7. Viking Wire Weaving Necklace

New Skill-  – Trichinopoly

Trichinopoly is an inter-looped wire working technique used for making jewelry and clothing adornment that dates back to ancient times.  The technique is commonly called ‘Viking Wire Weaving’ or ‘Viking Knitting’ due to the plethora of items found dating to the Viking period.  The item could be worked in silver, gold, copper, bronze or other base metal.  Since this was my first piece, and I couldn’t afford gold or silver wire at the time, I used silver tone craft wire purchased at Wal-mart.

My original plan had been to take some Viking Wire Weaving classes at Pennsic 39, however, since I didn’t go I had to result to finding instruction on line.  After seeing the tutorial at Tangible Daydreams, I decided to seek an affordable kit to learn this technique.  I found a nice kit on Etsy from Right Turn ArtWerks, and in no time had started experimenting with this technique.

The wire was around 22 gauge I think, (I’ll double check) and was very easy to work with.  The terminals I purchased from Ben Franklin’s in Fayetteville, WV.  Following directions I had from a kit I formed the initial chain to a length of around 15 inches thinking that the compression would only add around 2-4″ of additional length.    Oh, so wrong.  Drawing the knit tube down to size made the necklace too long for me to wear.  My husband was very happy to have this added to his collection of jewlery.