1. Learn to spin on a drop spindle.

2. Spin thick wool yarn for hair net

Many years ago I tried learning to spin on a drop spindle.  It ended poorly with a kittah sending the spindle flying and the spindle getting eaten by two googies who thought this was the best game of ‘Fetch Tag’ ever!  It wasn’t until August 30, 2008 that I was able to take a class from Ann Craven at Hawks Nest State Park.  I was instantly addicted and her class led to me purchasing over a pound of Coopworth wool roving from her to continue spinning.  Below is a picture of the yarn I spun from her class.

First Spindle Spun Yarn

Since this was my first spindle spun yarn I had thought to just hold onto it for sentimental reasons.  However, nearly two years later I decided to use it to make a small hair net.

Spindle spinning wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  It’s easy to get started, if you have an attentive teacher, but can be very addictive.