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After plying 2 spindles of gray wool I had about 25 yards of single left over.  Normally I’d Andean ply the leftover single, but I liked the consistency of this single, nice and thin, so I decided to keep it for embroidery thread.  The only thing though, how to store it?

After thinking about a couple other posts where the authors had put together Viking/Medieval sewing kits, and, along with oh so many goodies, were small wooden cards for winding thread on.  Though it’s not definitively known what use the shaped bone pieces found in Viking age digs were for, they do strongly resemble modern embroidery floss cards.   I decided I needed a few.

Off to the workshop and a few hours later I had 4 oak thread winders.

I cut the winders from 1/8″ thick oak board I had purchased from Lose’s for another project (a Lucet tool).  After sawing off enough for the Lucet, I measured off 4 sections about 1 1/2″ wide and sawed them off individually.   I used a curved wood rasp to shape the winders, then sanded them with sandpaper till as smooth as I could get them.  While sanding I also took care of some wood Nalbinding needles and 2 bone sewing needles I’ve been working on.  (The bone needles need eyes, something I’ve been hesitating to do)

All in all they’re not to bad, uneven in size, but, that may improve if I decide to make more.

Winder blanks with wood rasp.

Mostly finished winders & needles.

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Though my posts are far apart right now I’ve not been idle.  Even though I returned to work on the 18th after a 6 week absence I’ve been working hard on keeping up with my AS 50 projects.  Since my surgery I’ve made a lot of Nålbinding needles, starting with wood then working in antler and bone.  I learned Nålbinding , Oslo stitch, Coptic stitch and Danish stitch.  I’ve made a pouch for my bee sting kit in the Danish stitch, and a pair of fingerless mittens  in Oslo stitch.  I also started a small metal needle case, which still needs the decorative rings soldered, polished and the Viking wire woven suspension chain added on.  I continue to spin on my drop spindle and am looking forward to the Moosie spindle that my husband is getting for our anniversary.  I’ve also started hand crafting new frames to work Språng on, carved from a Maple tree Dad felled in his yard.   There is also the playing catch up documenting the entries here in my blog with pictures and descriptions of what has been completed.

With all this I still feel that I need to devote all my time to my Språng research.  October will be here all too soon and I really need to work on my demo for the Wheeling Regional Symposium for Pre-Modern Studies.  I need to finish the frames I have planed, as well as make some adjustments on the frames I do have.  Also needed are some planned projects for display and possibly some starter pieces for guests to try…

Hummm…. looks like I need another list to get me organized…






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