Depth Challenge: Or 50 things to do with Språng!

Språng is an ancient method of producing textiles dating back to the bronze age and maybe further.  The items made in this technique have a natural elasticity in it’s width making it suitable for caps, bags, belts, slings, and many other items.  To make Språng you need yarn of at least 2 ply and two sticks to warp the yarn onto.  Frames can be used to mount the sticks on for stability but a back strap loom works just as well.  Once an even number of strands are warped onto the sticks the stands are separated into an upper shed and a bottom shed (or the warp can be wrapped in a figure 8 to produce the sheds automatically)

Since the A&S 50 Challenge began 5/1/2007 these are the projects related to Språng that I have completed since then.

1/14/2012 Cap

11/24/11 Maple Frame