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Cascade Necklace- Before

After looking at my cascade necklace again, I decided to make a few alterations.  I decided that it was too long through the strands for my taste, also, I wanted to separate the stands in case one of them broke. (Before the 3 strands were knotted together, if one of them broke I would have to remove the whole necklace to work on it.)  Though the waxed linen thread was strong I wanted something that might hold up a little better under the weight of the glass and metal.  I picked up some leather cording from Ben Franklin’s that I though would do the job.

The Viking Answer Lady has this article on Viking Beads and Necklaces that I found very helpful in deciding which beads to keep in the necklace.  I tired to select beads that more closely resembled those that were made using the same techniques and designs used by medieval bead makers.  Incidentally, most of the beads I had originally selected were made from the same techniques (though not all may have been hand made) and with the same design elements found in Roman and Medieval beads.  I kept all the patterned beads though none with the metallic patterning, they looked like they were made with glitter, eye beads and spirals were also kept as were many of the shaped beads.   The beads that I had did not reflect the entirety of designs available to ancient bead makers (I didn’t have any millefiori beads and most of the foil beads I had looked too modern in coloring but that may have been my personal dislike for fuchsia and pinks) but I hope to expand my collection of beads for future projects.

And so, after reviewing the article and other necklaces in the Upplands Museum Saffron Waldon Museum and the Historiska Museet  I started reworking the necklace and separated out the strands.  Since the leather cord I was replacing the linen with was thicker I also omitted many of the beads in the original and substituted some others.  I also got a little crazy with some wire and several of the beads in my collection and created more pendants for the strands.  The pendants on the bottom row at each end with the single beads are based off the pendant in the picture from the Historiska Museet linked above.  The next pendants in (the small round pendants) and the center pendant are all based on beaded pendants found on the Hon Necklace.

Viking Cascade Necklace- After

I also tried to utilize some of the suggestions for ‘Viking Symmetry’ mentioned in many articles. Colors, general shape, and/or materials are mirrored on the strands, not always identical beads.  Since I wasn’t working on a rounded strand necklace I didn’t work with the suggest parings at 180° found in the Hon Treasure Necklace.

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